Personal Social Media Policy

Hello there,

Nice to see your interest in me. I would like to explain the following with regards to my usage of social media on the Internets:

  1. I try to make informed choices on my use of social media platforms and evaluate them on a regular basis.
  2. I make a difference between my professional and my personal life, insofar as this is practical.
  3. I may have accounts on services I do not plan to use as a precaution against namejacking. Friend/linking requests on these services will be deleted without answer. Please do not be dismayed.
  4. As with specific social media platforms, currently the following applies:
    I am active on
    • Linkedin (professional)
    • Yammer (professional)
    • Twitter (personal)
    • Weblogs on * (personal)
    • Diaspora (professional)
    I am not active on
    • Facebook
    • Google+
    • Hyves
    • Myspace
    • Plaxo
  5. On different platforms, different reasons for following/linking may apply. These reasons may or may not be random and may include whether I know you personally, whether I find your musings of interest, or any other reason.
  6. On all platforms I would like to treat people as a real human being sitting opposite me. I would like to be treated equally.

This social media policy has last been reviewed and updated on August 29th, 2012.

Patrick Dersjant